Brink of Design was pleased to design the St. Croix Surf Company’s new logo.  The logo incorporates many of the sights that you will see while enjoying the U.S. Virgin Islands.  If you are looking for a a new logo or brand for your U.S. Virgin Islands company, give us a call.  We would love to help be apart of growing your business!

There is an interesting theory about a woman’s appearance and her relationship to herself. It turns out that the assessment of one’s own attractiveness directly depends on the efforts invested in “creating beauty”.

yak beautiful

Many women know the sensation when, after making a face mask or dyeing her hair, she begins to feel more attractive, although by and large there have been no radical changes in her appearance. It’s the same with working on yourself. Since our complexes are mainly of a psychological nature, that is, they are determined not by the appearance itself, but by what we think about it, then getting rid of them should begin, first of all, by increasing self-esteem.